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About St. Francisville

CourthouseSoothing to the Soul, is our life style for both the residents and visitors to St. Francisville.  Experience the qualities of a small quaint town with the nearby location of the large city, Baton Rouge.  Stroll through our website to discover all the treasures which make St. Francisville as the best place to visit and reside..


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11936 Ferdinand * P.O. Box 400 *St.Francisville, LA 70775
Phone (225) 635-3688 * Fax (225) 635-6984 * email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Mayor * Willi am (Billy) D'Aquilla * Alderman * James R. Leake *Abby T. Cochran* Gigi Robertson* Susanne Tully• Joseph Kelley

Town of St. Francisville Planning and Zoning Meeting Minutes from the Thursday-August 8, 2019 meeting that was held at 6:00pm at the Town Hall 11936 Ferdinand Street, St. Francisville, La.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Sara Wilson Rogers at 6:02pm.

Members present: AL Lemoine, Sara Wilson Rogers, Wayne Slater, and Larry Daigle.
Laurie Walsh
Members absent: Pat Vince
Guests present: Charlie Perdue and Anne Slater


• A motion was made by Wayne Slater and seconded by Larry Daigle to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried.
• A motion was made by Al Lemoine and seconded by Wayne Slater to approve the minutes from
the July 2, 2019 meeting as presented. Motion carried.


• The floor was opened for public comments at 6:05pm.
• The Public Hearing was closed at 6:28pm.


• A motion was made by Wayne Slater and seconded by Larry Daigle to offer a recommendation to accept the major subdivision request on the property located on the parcel of land on Princeville Street. Tract X containing +/- 7.996 acres located in Section 44, T3S R3W. The major subdivision is for 16 new lots of record. Motion passed unanimously. Yeas: Al Lemoine, Wayne Slater, Larry Daigle and Sara Wilson-Rogers. Neas: none


• A motion was made by Al Lemoine and seconded by Larry Daigle to adjourn at 6:33pm. Motion carried.

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