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The purpose of the Boards, Commissions and Authorities is to research and formulate policy related to the operation of the various units of the municipal government and the agencies which work in collaboration with the Town and receive Town monies for their operations. 

Various Boards and Commissions are described within the Town Charter. Other agencies exist that also guide policy for the operation of St. Francisville's government and its various departments and affiliates. 

Appointment to Boards and Commissions -
The Mayor submits to the Board of Aldermen nominations of members to each appointive Board, Commission or other similar appointive position, to fill each vacancy where a term of office has expired. The Mayor also submits to the Town Aldermen nominations of alternate members of the Planning Board, the Zoning Board and the Zoning Board of Appeals to fill any vacancies on a "panel of alternates" where an alternate member's term of office has expired. No nomination made by the Mayor is effective until approved by the Board of Aldermen.

Term, Qualifications and Official Duties -
Members of appointive Boards and Commissions or members of any panel of alternatives must be qualified to the position and a resident of the Town of St. Francisville or the Parish of West Feliciana.

Generally members serve for 4 years and receive no salary or payment for their duties.

Appointive bodies generally select a Chairperson from within their own membership.

The Board or Commission keeps a complete record of its resolutions and other proceedings of the Board or Commission and shall have custody of its correspondence, files and other records. When ordered by the Board or Commission  records are to be filed with the Town Clerk. All such records are open for public inspection at reasonable hours.

Each Board or Commission meets as frequently as necessary to perform its duties. The Chairperson, any two members, or the Mayor may call a meeting of any appointive Board or Commission, provided each member is given twenty-four (24) hours notice. A majority of the members of a Board or Commission is sufficient to conduct business.

No member of any appointed or elected Board may receive compensation for their services.

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