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Town of St. Francisville Planning and Zoning Meeting Minutes from the Monday-February 21, 2019 meeting that was held at 6:00pm at the Town Hall 11936 Ferdinand Street, St. Francisville, La.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Sara Wilson Rogers at 6:03pm.

Members present: AL Lemoine, Sara Wilson Rogers, Wayne Slater and Pat Vince.
Members absent: Jesse C. Black
Guests present: Jordy Wax, Glenda Daniel, Charlotte Maxwell, Lance Malley, Doug Cochran, Ed Price and Katie Price


• A motion was made by Wayne Slater and seconded by Al Lemoine to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried.
• A motion was made by Pat Vince and seconded by Al Lemoine to approve the minutes from the February 11, 2019 meeting as presented. Motion carried.


• The Public Hearing was opened at 6:05pm to discuss the rezoning request from Denise Smith and Tom Scarborough for the property located at 4839 Feliciana Street, St Francisville, La. from its present zone of RS2 (Medium Density Single Family Residential) to BMX (Business Mixed Use). The Public Hearing was closed at 6:28pm. A motion was made by Pat Vince and seconded by Al Lemoine to offer a recommendation to the Town of St. Francisville Board of Alderman to approve the rezone request from RS2 to BMX. The motion passed unanimously 4-0 as follows: yeas: Al Lemoine, Wayne Slater, Pat Vince and Sara Wilson-Rogers, Jesse C Black was absent. Motion carried.


• Minor Subdivision Map was given to Commission for West Feliciana Parish School Board property that was approved administratively.


• A motion was made by Al Lemoine and seconded by Wayne Slater to adjourn at 7:13pm. Motion carried.