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The Town of St. Francisville Board of Aldermen met in Public Regular Meeting this 28th day of January 2020 at 11936 Ferdinand St., Town Hall, St. Francisville, LA. The meeting was called to order at 5:34 p.m. with the following members present: Mayor William H. D’Aquilla, Alderman James R. Leake, Alderman Abby T. Cochran, , Alderman Susie Tully and Alderman Bryan Kelley. Also, present, Assistant Town Attorney Ben Klein, Main Street Manager Laurie Walsh and Town Clerk Shannon Sturgeon.

Absent: Alderman Gigi Robertson, Town Attorney Jesse Means and Police Chief Scott Ford.

Prayer led by: Abby T. Cochran
Pledge led by: Susie Tully

Motion made by Susie Tully, seconded by Abby T. Cochran to approve the minutes from the regular meeting of January, 2019. All in favor, none opposed. Motion carried.

*Alderman Gigi Robertson joined the meeting at 5:35 p.m.

Open Floor for Public Comment

Mayor D’Aquilla opened the floor for public comments before commencing with new business.
No public comments submitted.

New Business:

1. West Feliciana Tourism Director David Floyd
David Floyd, the new West Feliciana Tourism Director spoke about his transition into the directors role and the direction he plans to take tourism.

2. Update on Environmental Survey for Possible Relocation of Town’s Wastewater Facility
Information from the environmental survey is being sent to the Corp of Engineers for review and approval.

3. PEC Update – Bianca Hillhouse was absent. Update provided by Mayor D’Aquilla.

*Chief Scott Ford joined the meeting at 5:49 p.m.

4. Resolution #2020-1 Appointment of William H. “Billy” D’Aquilla to the Board of the Louisiana Local Government Environmental Facilities and Community Development Authority (LCDA).
Motion made by James R. Leake, seconded by Bryan Kelley to appoint Mayor D’Aquilla to the LCDA Board. All in favor, none opposed. Motion carried.

5. Resolution #2020-2 Commending Laurie Walsh for Her Service to the Citizens and Visitors of the Town of St. Francisville Especially as Relates to the Annual Christmas in the Country Festival.

Motion made by Susie Tully, seconded by Abby Cochran to approve Resolution 2020-2 as follows:


To commend Laurie Walsh for her service to the citizens and visitors of the Town of St. Francisville especially as relates to the annual Christmas in the Country festival.

WHEREAS, Christmas in the Country, held annually on the first full weekend of December, has for decades been a highly anticipated event for the residents, businesses, and visitors of the Town of St. Francisville; and

WHEREAS, Laurie, in official and not-so unofficial capacities, has long been a promoter of and advocate for the Town; and

WHEREAS, Laurie was tasked with seeing to it that the events planned for the 2019 Christmas in the Country showcased the many attractions the Town and surrounding areas offer, including its shops, restaurants, lodging establishments, historic buildings (both preserved and those in need of preserving), and recreational and entertainment activities; and

WHEREAS, the 2019 Christmas in the Country offered many events for all ages and interests and provided varied ways to see the sites, whether in pursuit of that perfect gift in Parker Park, at the Christmas Market, or in the shops of the Downtown Merchants; whether trying to fill a Candy Cane Christmas Card or find the Gingerbread Man; whether partaking of the fellowship at the Prayer Breakfast or seeing the joy of the season through children’s eyes at Breakfast with Santa or aboard the Polar Express; whether at fast clip as part of the Christmas on the Run or a leisurely stroll to experience the Peep into our Holiday Homes; or, otherwise just taking in the sights (such as the quilt exhibit, the Lighting of the Christmas Tree, the Tour of Homes, a Jane Austen Christmas, the Living Nativity, and the Christmas Parade) or the sounds (such as the Main Street Band, the Community Sing-Along, the Sounds of the Season featuring Ivan Griffin, Nancy Ropollo and Day Trip, Clay Parker & Jodi James); and

WHEREAS, the continued success of Christmas in the Country benefits us all; and

WHEREAS, the 2019 Christmas in the Country was a smashing success due to Laurie’s efforts (and good weather);

NOW THEREFORE BE IT PROCLAIMED that the Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the Town of St. Francisville, State of Louisiana, on behalf of the entire community, hereby expresses its appreciation for Laurie Walsh and her dedication and continued efforts to promote our Town, especially with regard to the Christmas in the Country.

This resolution having been submitted to a vote, the vote thereon was as follows:

YEAS: James. R. Leake, Abby T. Cochran, Gigi Robertson, Susie Tully & Bryan Kelley
NAYS: none
ABSENT: none

And the resolution was declared adopted on this 28th day of January 2020.

/s/ Shannon Sturgeon.                                         /s/ Billy D’Aquilla
ATTEST: Shannon Sturgeon, Town Clerk           William H. “Billy” D’Aquilla, Mayor
Town of St. Francisville

6. Ordinance 2020-1 (Updating) Town of St. Francisville Policy on Sexual Harassment
Motion made by James R. Leake, seconded by Abby T. Cochran to introduce Ordinance 2020-1 and set a public hearing for February 11, 2020 at 5:30 P.M. All in favor, none opposed. Motion carried.

7. Departmental Updates – Mayor D’Aquilla

a. Mayor’s Comments – Mayor D’Aquilla

• Budget update provided to aldermen for review.

b. Police Report- Chief Scott Ford.

• Motion made by Abby T. Cochran, seconded by James R. Leake to accept the recommendation of Police Chief Scott Ford and Mayor Billy D’Aquilla to re-hire Jordan Higgins as a full-time police officer. All in favor, none opposed. Motion carried.

c. Legal Update – Assistant Town Attorney Ben Klein

d. Permitting & Planning Updates – Written report by Building Official, Don Simmons.

e. Main Street Report – Main Street Manager, Laurie Walsh

8. Adjournment
Motion made by Susie Tully, seconded by Gigi Robertson to adjourn the meeting at 6:29 p.m. All in favor, none opposed. Motion carried.

/s/ Shannon Sturgeon.                     /s/ William H. D’Aquilla
Shannon Sturgeon, Clerk                William H. D’Aquilla, Mayor
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