The Town of St. Francisville Board of Aldermen met in regular session this 12th day of January, 2016 at 11936 Ferdinand St., Town Hall, St. Francisville, LA. The meeting was called to order at 5:32 p. m. with the following members present: Aldermen / Mayor Pro Tem James R. Leake, Alderman James Davis, Aldermen Robert P. Leake, Alderman Abby T. Cochran and Alderman Gigi Robertson. Also present were Main Street Manager Laurie Walsh, Police Chief Scott Ford and Clerk Shannon Sturgeon.

Absent: Mayor William D’Aquilla and Town Attorney Jesse Means.

The pledge was led by Dr. Rinaudo.

On motion by Robert P. Leake and seconded by James Davis, the minutes of December 8, 2015 were approved as submitted with clarification of a presenters name. All in favor, motion carried.


Dr. Rinaudo requested to speak to the Board regarding a request for approval to allow livestock on his property located off of Rinaudo Drive as part of a day camp facility for autistic children that he is considering opening.

After discussion, the Board requested that they be allowed time to review his request and to move this item to the next agenda on January 26, 2016.


Burnett Bridge Status Update:
Bids were above budget and may need to re-bid with a modified design. Highest bid for the job came in at $1,269,000.00 and the lowest bid came in at $747,500.00. Bianca Hillhouse with PEC is currently researching our options and will provide an update of her findings.

Gas Line Extension:
The Town is considering extending our gas distribution line on US HWY 61 North in the Afton Villa area. Bianca is checking feasibility and will present it to the Board when available.

PEC Update – Biancia Hillhouse of PEC was unable to attend the meeting provided the following update via email:

1. LGAP/CWEF Grants:

➢ All previous year’s LGAP/CWEF grants have been closed out.
➢ The Town applied for new LGAP 15/16 funding last Friday. The request was submitted as General Water System Improvements.

2. Capital Outlay / Burnett Bridge

➢ As previously discussed, all the bids submitted were above budget. May have to re-bid with a modified design.

3. New Water Well #4:

➢ Loan paperwork has been finalized.
➢ The Grant award letter is pending new administration being settled into office.
➢ The Town has acquired property from the School Board and adjacent industrial site.
➢ The survey maps and boundary description are ready to be signed pending Mike Hughes’ approval.
➢ Plans and Specifications are being worked on by PEC and a site visit with Maintenance Superintendent Wally Neal was done today to check for layout piping, etc.

Revise the 2016 Meeting Schedule
The previously approved date of November 8, 2016 will fall on an election day and must be move since the Town Hall meeting room is a polling location. On motion by Abby T. Cochran and seconded by Gigi Robertson to move the November 8, 2016 meeting to November 1, 2016. All in favor, motion carried.

Revised 2016 Meeting Schedule is as follows:
The Town of St. Francisville Board of Alderman Meetings for 2016 will held at 5:30 pm at the Town Hall meeting room on January 12th & 26th, February 23rd, March 8th & 22nd, April 12th & 26th, May 10th & 24th, June 14th & 28th, July 12th & 26th, August 9th & 23rd, September 13th & 27th, October 11th & 25th, November 1th & 22nd and December 13th.

Historic District Moratorium
Laurie Walsh is currently working on getting a meeting date scheduled for Historic District Commission so they can review the Historic District Moratorium that effects all new construction in the Historical District. Once the meeting has been held, the Historical District will provide a recommendation to the Board.

Mayor’s Report - Mayor Pro Tem James R. Leake

• Discussion of the Proposal for Landscape Architectural Services for Town of St. Francisville Town Gateways, Town Center and Highway 61 Corridor Enhancements. After discussion, the Board determined that Mr. Joseph Furr would be asked to revise his proposal to also incorporate recommendations from CPEX & CRPC regarding traffic calming on Royal Street, wayfaring signage from 61 and along Commerce & Ferdinand and plantings along the street corners on Ferdinand Street.

Police Report – Chief Scott Ford

• Entergy is currently running 12 hour shifts to check powerlines affected by the Mississippi River flooding by airboats. Each airboat is being accompanied by either a Police Officer or Sheriff Deputy.

Main Street Report – Laurie Walsh

• We are currently working on updating our permit process to insure that we are incorporating all the new zoning ordinance requirements.
• The Architectural Design & Review Board has approved new signage for New Life Church. The next step is to have Building Inspector Alan Dwyer to inspect and approved the installation site.
• Reminder letters for Hwy. 61 business to lower their signs will be mailed out. Their deadline for complying with the new Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance is April 12, 2016.
• Held a pre-construction meeting with Dick Lancaster for his shopping center.
• The Historical District Commission has a meeting scheduled for next Thursday.
• Mike Hughes has completed the remodel for his new Law Office on Johnston Street.
• Courtney Tucker of Tiger Town Realty and Jeff Ferris of Ferris Engineering are opening a business on Ferdinand and will be requesting a permit to remodel.

Motion by Abby T. Cochran, seconded by Gigi Robertson, to adjourn at 6:40 p.m. All in favor, motion carried.

/s/ Shannon Sturgeon                                  /s/ James R. Leake, Mayor Pro Tem
Shannon Sturgeon, Town Clerk                        James R. Leake, Mayor Pro Tem