The Town of St. Francisville Board of Aldermen met in regular session this 26th day of January, 2016 at 11936 Ferdinand St., Town Hall, St. Francisville, LA. The meeting was called to order at 5:40 p. m. with the following members present: Mayor William H. D’Aquilla, Aldermen James R. Leake, Alderman James Davis, Aldermen Robert P. Leake and Alderman Abby T. Cochran. Also present were Town Attorney Jesse Means , Clerk Shannon Sturgeon and Main Street Manager Laurie Walsh.

Absent: Alderman Gigi Robertson and Police Chief Scott Ford.

The pledge was led by James Davis.

On motion by James Davis and seconded by Abby T. Cochran, the minutes of January 12, 2016 were approved as submitted. All in favor, motion carried.

Alderman Gigi Robertson joined the meeting at 5:46 p.m.



Release of Gas Franchise at the Bluffs / Mike Hughes:
Mike Hughes was not able to attend. Remove from agenda until Mr. Hughes request to be added again.

Auditors Report for 2014-2015 / Mike LeBlanc
Auditor Mike LeBlanc with Postlewaite & Netterville presented a detailed summary of the audit report to the Board of Aldermen. There were no findings and the Auditors final opinion stated that the Town of St. Francisville is in compliance and doing well.

Motion made by James Davis, seconded by James R. Leake to accept the 14/15 Auditor’s Report as presented. All in favor, motion carried.

On motion by James Davis and seconded by Robert Leake to approve hiring Postlethwaite & Netterville APAC for the next to conduct the town audit. All in favor, motion carried.

Motion made by Gigi Robertson, seconded by James Davis, to extend a special accommodation to Clerk Shannon Sturgeon for the excellent job she and her staff have done with the Town’s financial documentation and processes. All in favor, motion carried.

Landscape Architectural Services Proposal – Joseph Furr
Motion made by Robert P. Leake, seconded by Abby T. Cochran to accept the proposal from Joseph Furr Design Studio for landscape architectural services and to authorize Mayor D’Aquilla to sign the contact for Preliminary Design and Development phases for a fee of $23,000.00. Fees for the Phase 1 Construction Documents, Permitting, Bidding and Construction Administration phases will be 60% of the fee calculated by using the Available Funds for Construction (AFC) for Phase 1, as determined by the Landscape Architect and the Board and Louisiana State Facility Planning and Control Fee Calculator for professional Services. Fees for subsequent phases of construction would be calculated accordingly as approved with and established ceiling of $600,000 for the Total AFC for all phases. All in favor, motion carried.

Burnette Bridge Status Update:
Bianca at PEC and Mayor D’Aquilla are working with Chad Vosburg with Louisiana Department of Transportation & Development to see if we can use some of the road transfer credit in conjunction with the Capital Outlay grant for Burnett Bridge. If we use the DOTD money, we may have to re-bid the project.

Gas Line Extension:
Bianca Hillhouse of PEC provided an Opinion of Probable Cost Estimate for the 2” Gas Main Extension from Hwy 66 to Catalpa Lane via email. The construction cost for the gas line extension is estimated at $132, 908.40. No action taken.

LGAP Resolution 2016-01
Motion made by Gigi Robertson, seconded by Robert P. Leake to approved Resolution No. 2016-01 - A
Resolution to Support Preparation and Submittal of an Application for Funding through the Local Government Assistance Program (LGAP). All in favor, motion carried.

PEC Update – Bianca Hillhouse of PEC was unable to attend the meeting provided the following update via email:

1. LGAP/CWEF Grants:

• All previous year’s LGAP/CWEF grants have been closed out.
• Town applied for new LGAP 15/16 last Friday – General Water System Improvements.

2. Burnette Road Bridge:

• Bids were above budget. We are talking to Mr. Chad Vosburg with DOTD to see if we can use the road transfer credits to make up the difference.
• Facility Planning will have to be on board with some type of cooperative endeavor since to use transfer funds, DOTD will need to bid out the project under their program.

3. New Water Well #4:

• Preliminary Plans completed (see copy attached).

Update on Dr. Rinaudo’s Request
Dr. Rinaudo was unable to attend. No action taken, remove from agenda until requested again by Dr. Rinaudo.

Discuss and/or Take Action on a Recommendation from the Historical District Commission Regarding Signage
Motion made by Robert P. Leake, seconded by James R. Leake to grant a legal non-conforming sign permit for The Conundrum. All in favor, motion carried.

Mayor’s Report – no additional information.

Police Report – Chief Scott Ford was absent. Was attending laser radar certification school.

Main Street Report – Laurie Walsh
No additional updates.

Motion by James Davis, seconded by Robert P. Leake, to adjourn at 7:21 p.m. All in favor, motion carried.

/s/ Shannon Sturgeon                                          /s/ William H. D’Aquilla
Shannon Sturgeon, Town Clerk                           William H. D’Aquilla, Mayor