The Town of St. Francisville Board of Aldermen met in regular session this 28th day of June, 2016 at 11936 Ferdinand St., Town Hall, St. Francisville, LA. The meeting was called to order at 5:37 p. m. with the following members present: Mayor William H. D’Aquilla, Aldermen James R. Leake, Alderman Gigi Robertson, Alderman Robert P. Leake and Alderman Abby T. Cochran. Also present were Attorney Jesse Means, Main Street Manager Laurie Walsh, Police Chief Scott Ford and Town Clerk Shannon Sturgeon.

Absent: Alderman Jimmy Davis

The pledge was led by Damon Dawson.

On motion by Abby Cochran and seconded by James R. Leake, the minutes of June 14, 2016 were approved as submitted. All in favor, motion carried.



PEC Update
Engineer Bianca Hillhouse of PEC was absent. Mayor D’Aquilla presented the update.

Burnette Road Bridge – request for $500,000 additional is pending State Capital Outlay approval.
New Water Well Replacement & Water System Improvements – Contract documents were sent to the Contractor last week. Should be ready to have the pre-construction meeting sometime around the 1st or 2nd week of July.
CWEF grant application for 2015-2016 – summary of current grants.

• 1415-CWEFlWFL-0102EF (Emergency Water Well Grant) - $250,000.00
• 1415-CWEF-WFL-0101 - $35,000.00
• CWEF Application submitted April 2016 - $35,000.00 (not yet awarded)

HWY 61-2” Gas Main Extension – Cost estimate of $132,908.40 provided.

Permitting & Planning Updates -Building Official, Eric Parnell
Biweekly building official update for 6-28-16

• Performing weekly site visits and any required site inspections requested for hospital. Building is out of the ground now and being dried in.
• Construction has started on the West Feliciana Services Building in former grocery store.

• No permit has been issued by the Town.
• No submittal to Architectural or Zoning has been performed.
• No building code review was performed or submitted.
• Have a call in to Mr. Ferguson at the Parish to discuss what is needed so that the Town can proceed with issuing a permit.

• Issued a new pool permit for Yanci Patrick.

• Work has not started and is currently scheduled for August.

• Issued full permit to Bayou Self Storage to facilitate construction.

• Mechanical or and Electrical information was provided for proper plan review.

• Issued permit for Jonathan Beckham house on Hartson Street.

• Temporary power has been set and foundation framing has started.

• Issued pool permit to Alice Mayeaux.

• Have inspected and working with her to correct issues.

Mayor’s Report – Mayor D’Aquilla

Election Dates

• Qualifying – July 20-22
• Early Voting – Oct 24-29
• Presidential Election November 8th.
• 2nd Primary Election December 10th.

LMA Convention Attendance

• Before leaving tonight, confirm if you will be attending the annual convention August 28th -30th in Alexandria.

• Minutes In Addition to Ordinances Now Available on Municode.com

• We have scanned all minutes from 1990-2015 and made them available on municode.com
• Minutes on Municode are searchable by word or you can browse by date.
• A direct link to Municode has been added to our website which is www.stfrancisville.net.

Capital Region Planning Grant Opportunities

• Jamie at CRPC said that they may have some grant opportunities that the Town would be eligible for. Mayor D’Aquilla will contact them to get more information.

Police Report – Chief Scott Ford.

• Nuclear safety drill will be June 29th.

Main Street Report – Laurie Walsh

• The billboard rental agreement Hwy. 61 fell through.
• Monday July 4th, The Town will be hosting a fireworks display and patriotic music at the West Feliciana Sports Park. The American Legion has volunteered to provide refreshments.
• We are working with the Best Western to get the pole casing for their sign that has been recently replaced.
• Met with the owners of the Boll Weevil and the Democrat and representatives from the State Historic Preservation Office to discuss eligibility of State and Federal tax credits for historic building renovations.
• The Town of St. Francisville and the Pointe Coupee Cruisers are hosting a Car and Motorcycle Show August 20, 2016 from 9 am to 3 pm with all proceeds benefiting Louisiana Veterans Foundation.
• Our annual Polos & Pearls event will also be held August 20, 2016 from 5-9 pm.
• Once election qualifications have been closed, we will be sending letters to all election candidates to make them aware of the sign ordinances. Residential properties can display up to (2) signs with a total maximum square footage of eight square feet and commercial properties can display (1) sign with a total maximum square footage of sixteen square feet.

Motion by Robert P. Leake, seconded by Abby T. Cochran to adjourn at 6:46 p.m. All in favor, motion carried.

/s/ Shannon Sturgeon                                                 /s/ William H. D’Aquilla
Shannon Sturgeon, Town Clerk                                  William H. D’Aquilla, Mayor