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The Town of St. Francisville Board of Aldermen met in regular session this 28th day of March, 2017 at 11936 Ferdinand St., Town Hall, St. Francisville, LA. The meeting was called to order at 5:31 p. m. with the following members present: Mayor William H. D’Aquilla, Aldermen James R. Leake, Alderman James R. Leake, Alderman Abby T. Cochran, Alderman Gigi Robertson, Alderman Susanne “Susie” Tully and Alderman Joseph “Bryan” Kelley. Also present were Town Attorney Jesse Means, Assistant Town Attorney Leslie Daniel, Main Street Manager Laurie Walsh, Police Chief Scott Ford and Town Clerk Shannon Sturgeon.

Absent: none

The pledge was led by Mr. Edmond El-Hasan, District Manager for Dollar General.

Motion made by Bryan Kelley, seconded by Susie Tully, to approve the March 14th Meeting minutes as presented.. All in favor, none opposed, motion carried.


Public Comment – Mayor D’Aquilla opened the floor for any public comments before commencing with the New Business. No comments submitted.

Award Bid Contract for Burnett Road Bridge Replacement with Concrete Box Culverts.
Motion made by Abby T. Cochran, seconded by James R. Leake to award Burnett Road Bridge Replacement to KCR Contractors for $409,671.40 contingent upon Facility Planning concurrence. All in favor, none opposed, motion carried.

PEC Report – Bianca Hillhouse

• US 61 Gas Line Extension – Waiting on the clear lien certificate. Once received, we will issue the retainage fee and close out the project.

• Water Well #4 Replacement - Wally is meeting with the contractor at the job site this week. The contractor will begin doing site cleanup as we are waiting to receive the pump that is on order.

• Burnett Bridge – Will notify KCR Contractors that they have been awarded the job and get a pre-construction meeting scheduled.

Approve Special Permit Request for Walker Percy Weekend Event
Motion made by Abby T. Cochran, seconded by Susie Tully, to grant permission for The Walker Percy Weekend / Crawfish Boil & Craft Beer Dinner to be held on Prosperity Street, June 3, 2017 from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm and to allow the closure of Prosperity Street from 12:00 pm to 12:00 am to provide time for set up before the event and clean up after the event. All in favor, none opposed, motion carried.

Approve Liquor Permit Application for Dollar General
Motion made by James R Leake, seconded by Abby T. Cochran, to approve Dollar General’s application for a Liquor Permit. All in favor, James. R. Leake, Abby T. Cochran, Bryan Kelley & Susie Tully. None opposed. Abstained, Gigi Robertson. Motion carried.

Approve Motion to Transfer Non-Running 2003 Chevrolet Truck (VIN #1GCEK19T23E235428) from the Utility Department to the Fire Department to be used in a Training Exercise.
Motion made by Bryan Kelly, seconded by Gigi Robertson, to allow transfer the non-running 2003 Chevrolet Truck (VIN #1GCEK19T23E235428) from the Utility Department to the Fire Department to be used in fire department jaws of life training exercise. All in favor, none opposed, motion carried.

Bailey Cable Franchise Renewal Update
Assistant Attorney Leslie Daniel has notified them that they need to submit a request for franchise renewal. Contract will be the same except reducing the contract life from 15 years to 12 years.

Mayor’s Report

• Mayor D’Aquilla provided the alderman with a copy of the final audit for Fiscal Year 15/16.
• Reminder – the Planning & Zoning Ordinance Training Class is scheduled for April 11th for 11 am – 1pm.
• Reminder – All elected officials need to submit their Financial Disclosure to the Board of Ethics before May 15th.

Police Report
Police Chief Scott Ford, requested Officer Matthew Herrin be re-activated as a part-time police officer for the Town of St. Francisville.

Motion made by Abby T. Cochran, seconded by Susie Tully, to re-activate Matthew Herrin as a part-time police officer. All in favor, none opposed, motion carried.

Permitting & Planning Updates – provided by Eric Parnell, Building Official

• Continued work on WFPH.

o Interior doors and floors and millwork.
o Parking lot almost complete.

• Live Oak Center in ongoing construction.
• Beckham house installing interior cabinets.
• Ware studio installing roof and siding.
• Hall house framed, dried in.

Main Street Report – Laurie Walsh

• There will be a ribbon cutting April 6th at 10 am for the Children’s Center.

Executive Session to Discuss Employee Issue
Motion made by Gigi Robertson, seconded by Susie Tully, to enter executive session to discuss an employee issue. All in favor, none opposed, motion passed.

The room was cleared and executive session began at 6:00 pm.

Executive session ended at 6:07 pm. No action was taken and the regular meeting was resumed.

Motion by James R. Leake, seconded by Abby T. Cochran, to adjourn the meeting at 6:07 p.m. Motion carried.

_____________________             _________________________
Shannon Sturgeon, Clerk               William H. D’Aquilla, Mayor

Minutes - Town Aldermen