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Gas - Town Utilities

The town of St. Francisville, La. provide their customers with adequate supply of natural gas.

Fees for New Service
Gas $xx, additional $xx deposit on any rental property. Gas deposits are also required on any commercial property.

Fee for Restoring Service
During Regular Office Hours - Gas $xx.xx
After Regular Office Hours - Additional charges may incur.

Natural gas is odorless, colorless, and non-toxic so an odorant is added giving an odor similar to rotten eggs so that even the smallest leaks can be detected. There is a serviceman on call at all times for emergencies. Please call (225) 635-xxxx for service Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm.

What do you do if you smell gas?
Follow these steps if you smell gas at your home or business:

1. Do not turn on any lights or use the telephone including cell phones.
2. Ensure everyone leaves the house or building immediately.
3. Use a telephone away from the questionable building to call the St. Francisville Utilities at - Gas Dept: 635- xxxx  Town Hall:  635-3688
In case there is no answer at any location above please dial 911

St. Francisville has buried gas pipelines throughout the gas service area that provide safe reliable energy to its customers. The City of St. Francisville maintains these pipelines to a high standard and they are considered reliable. A Damage Control Program (line markers) and an Emergency Plan for responding to an emergency situation has been established and the City works closely with Fire and Emergency Response Personnel. Prior to any excavation in and around any gas facilities contact either of the numbers below.

One-Call System 1 (800) 272-3020 or 811

City of St. Francisville (225) 635-3688 or 784-3136

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